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VM Network Packets Analysis

To get the Port-ID of an affected VM

esxtop -> n (for network)

Search and copy the PORT-ID of the affected VM
exit from esxtop

Port-ID can be found also with following command

net-stats –l

Get VM statistitcs

esxcli network port stats get -p <PORT-ID of the affected VM>

Statistics of a vNIC rx/tx queue

vsish -e cat /net/portsets/<DvsPortset-#>/ports/<PORT-ID of the affected VM>/vmxnet3/rxSummary

vsish -e cat /net/portsets/<DvsPortset-#>/ports/<PORT-ID of the affected VM>/vmxnet3/txSummary

Sources and useful links

Using the pktcap-uw tool in ESXi 5.5 and later (2051814)

Packet Capture on VMware ESXi using the pktcap-uw tool

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